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3 May, 2018 (estimate)

PC / Mac / Linux


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Elemensional Rift is a clash of the elements rooted at a long standing family rivalry of the Elemensional siblings! The balance of power is losing stability and the seeds of the green-eyed monsters are blooming. The fate of the NRverse hangs on the outcome of this clash! The survivors will shape the balance of the elements to their desires with the glorious prize of omnipotent until the return of the next sibling rivalry clash. Up to four players playing simultaneously to create a true battlefield of chaos. Simplistic gameplay to pick up but plenty of ingredients to strategize around and master. Attack with brute force, torment with ailments, bind by sapping their elemental energy, destroy the environment, and whatever else it takes to defeat your foes. A multitude of different gameplay to provide a variety of matches that will keep a refreshed and exhilerating experience.


Elemensional Rift began as a solo developer project when NR, utd. lost Psunna during H-o-H development. The purpose of Elemensional Rift was to develop a small enough project with minimal expenses that a single developer can result in raising enough money to help Psunna be able to return working with NR, utd. During the development, Psunna was forced to move on and away from the art field and that allowed NR, utd. to re-evaluate the design to give more depth and meat to the inner mechanics. This change led to a shift in scope to really polish the mechanics and provide much more attention to the more subtle details and greater immersion with the overall feel while maintaining a scope a single developer can manage a quality experience in delivery. Elemensional Rift made it's first public appearance at Momo Con 2015. During that time, it was also running an IndieGoGo campaign. While the campaign did not gain much traction from a solo developer managing so much, the backers that were garnered have been extremely supportive and involved in the shaping and balancing of the cast since. Elemensional Rift's next public appearance was SIEGE 2016 where a lot of new insights and internal designs have since been shaped to change designs that are to come, such as the story mode. Elemensional Rift is currently getting ready for Momo Con 2016.


  • 8 playable characters
  • Along with bonus unlockable characters
  • Up to 4 simultaneous players
  • 10 battlefields to play against the computer and/or friends
  • Both arena and extensive modes for each battlefield to allow players to play their own preference
  • Interactive and destructible environments
  • 7 ailments for additional strategy to play around and inflict
  • Multiple gameplay modes to add further variety to the multiplayer experience
  • A wealth of complex items that can be used for multiple functions
  • A training mode to safely and freely practice familiarity of a character
  • 256 figurines to collect


Momo Con 2015 trailer YouTube

IndieGoGo Campaign Video YouTube

Momo Con 2016 trailer YouTube

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      About NR, utd.

      NR, utd began as a single developer with a dream of a single student within UAT (University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ USA). As a single person enrolled in college, efficiency and minimal expenses were a neccessity to grow the company. As the company grew to develop a team for Crystalline Cauldron, the need to work as a team and work within minimal resources provided a major learning experience. As the company continued to grow, it began to discover it's unique niche and voice in the game industry. As it continues to further specialize in its niche and master the call of its voice, NR, utd. will set a path to help fulfill a long-term strategy of success.

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      Elemensional Rift Credits

      Onwer / Developer

      Caitlin Kilmister
      Artwork for promotional material


      Michael Chrysler



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