The cast of The Adventures of F.L.I.M.

The Adventures of F.L.I.M.

After a heroic voyage to save the world, F.L.I.M. has grown to enjoy his happily ever after that he has earned. Thaez could not allow this to continue and kidnapped Minoiya from him. F.L.I.M. must now rescue his beloved before harm comes to her.


Unaccepting of the enjoyable "happy ever after" life that F.L.I.M. has earned, Thaez has captured Minoiya from F.L.I.M. Who know what will happen to Minoiya if she is not rescued in time?


Minoiya is the traditional princess who gets kidnapped by Thaez. Unlike the traditional innocence of most princesses, she provides a stronger, tomboy-ish image. She also has a guardian named Amillac. As Amillac tries to save Minoiya from being kidnapped by Thaez, Thaez shows too strong of a force. She is left to await for F.L.I.M.'s rescue.


Amillac is Minoiya's guardian and pet. F.L.I.M. will also admit to enjoying time with Amillac. Amillac does its best to protect Minoiya, much like a young puppy. F.L.I.M. thinks of Amillac too much as "just a pet" and this does anger Amillac sometimes.


Igros is the guardian of the forest in front of F.L.I.M.'s castle. It faces F.L.I.M. when it catches F.L.I.M. wondering through the forest. In reward for F.L.I.M.'s victory over Igros, it provides itself as a vehicle through the dangerous river to Thaez's castle.


Halzzei guards the border between F.L.I.M.'s borders and Thaez's borders. In order to prove his strength and earn respect, F.L.I.M. must defeat Halzzei to earn the priveledge to travel on Halzzei's back to reach Thaez's castle in time.

Keagiu Owah

Keagiu Owah is an exceptional swordsman who is also the right-hand man of Thaez. For the right-hand man of the main villain, his appearance is quite late. However, this does not mean this dangerous warrior should be taken lightly. He is very agile and can attack from a distance by throwing bombs as well.

The Four Fiends

These four fiends were brought to life by Thaez's dark and evil powers to prevent F.L.I.M.'s conquest to save Minoiya. Recently brought to life, they are still bringing themselves together but as F.L.I.M. travels, they regain more strength and power.

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The Adventures of F.L.I.M.